Minet Lacing Technology

Splicing of heat resistant cement clinker belt is always a challenge. Hot splice often face with problem of compatibly of splice kit as each belt manufacturer has their own formulation of heat resistant compound. Heat Resistant splice kits has very short lifetime, to store them in cooling container is costly.  Down time on those clinker belts are very crucial for production, very often maintenance is given short down time to perform splicing, that result in improper splicing and may lead to splice failures. User then switch to conventional fastener splice due to the fact that the life time of a hot clinker belt is often less than 6 months. Problem of ordinary fastener splice is obvious that after operating for 3 months, the fastener joint start to leak, causing spillage and production lost, not to mention fasteners damage conveyor component, belt cleaner have to be un-tension, all these lead to another costly maintenance.

Splicing of wide belt feeder is also a challenge because of construction constrain.  Hopper is too close to the belt, almost impossible for setting up vulcanzer for hot splice and also very difficult for cold splice. Option is using conventional fastener splice. Belt feeder usually carry high load of product and travel in low speed, due to constant pressure of load of product, ordinary fastener start to leak and causing splillage that get into the return side of the belt. The spilliages trap at tail pulley, causing build up, damaging tail pulley lagging and bottom cover of the belt.

Now with SuperScrew® splice the splicing of hot clinker belt and belt feeder has become easier and faster.

SuperScrew® revolutionized the way of conveyor belt splicing. It is simple, fast and durable. SuperScrew® is made of composite materials with self tapping screws. It can be used also for punctures repair and longitudinal rip. SuperScrew® materials is made from reinforced rubber corresponding to the various conveyor belt quality, such as wear resistant, heat resistant, oil resistant, fire resistant, white FDA and with textile on the bottom. The Installation of SuperScrew® is using electrical screw driver or a hand brace or a pneumatic screw driver.



Feature of SuperScrew® splice :

  • Installation without need physical Strength
  • Installation using battery operated screw driver – no need electricity power
  • No use/need of expensive equipment
  • No need highly skilled operator
  • Wear and cut resistant
  • High tensile strength
  • Leak proof
  • Suitable for hi-heat clinker belt
  • Flexible
  • Compatible with small pulley diameter
  • Compatible with scraper
  • Re-useable
  • Can be used as dummy splice